Aspirations is managed through a partnership between MCCH Society Ltd and Surrey County Council Adults and Community Care Service.

Neil Copping and three
Shaw Trust employees at
Aspirations open day.


Aspirations has been a member of Surrey Supported Employment for a number of years. We work links with Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) who deliver the New Deal for Disabled People (NDDP) programme and hope to continue to develop key supported employment links.

We have also formed a working partnership with the Shaw Trust who work alongside Aspirations staff, supporting individuals to achieve their full employment potential through the Workstep programme. Workstep is a government-funded programme designed to support Service Users to find sustainable quality employment. Service Users who choose this option will have access to additional training, job vacancies, and in-work supports, as well as the usual employment supports provided by Aspirations.






28 Princess Way,
GU15 3SP

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