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This site has been developed with the aim of helping you find out more about Aspirations, and should give you some idea of what we are about, and what we do.

Aspirations started on 11 Nov 02. It is second-storey offices with a large kitchen and a dining hall; it has a stair lift and a toilet for those in wheelchairs. At Aspirations, Staff and Service Users work in partnership to create a positive working and learning culture that helps connect people with their community. We also work to raise awareness of mental health issues.

The Staff

Referrals to Aspirations are made through the Surrey Heath and Blackwater Valley Community Mental Health Teams. Aspirations supports adults who have a severe and enduring mental illness and are between the ages of 18 to 65. A potential new member will usually visit us before deciding whether they wish to be referred to Aspirations, and which aspects of the service they wish to access.

We are organised into four units: Administrative, Housekeeping, Education, and Community Connections. Service Users access all units according to their needs.
To enable Service Users to reach their goals, we use a Service Support System (SSS), which has been developed to help identify strengths, skills and abilities. It is a paper-based exercise to help the key worker get to know a new Service User and is designed to help people identify their goals and work towards achieving them, whether in training or leisure activities.

When someone joins Aspirations, they will be allocated a Key Staff Worker and given a full induction into the serive. A fellow Service User may also volunteer to help show them around the centre.

Health and safety is important to us and we do regular health and safety walkabout checks. All Staff and Service Users are aware of the need for high standards of safety.


28 Princess Way,
GU15 3SP

Tel: 01276 676581
Fax: 01276 670403


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